How it works

MobiTile allows the user to be connected to multiple social networks and other thematic Internet resources (list of connected resources is constantly growing), using a single user interface that enables to sort and filter the information received, the simultaneous publication of posts on each connected resource and using other integrative functions.

The obtained data are presented in the form of streams, each of which may include thematic information selected from various Internet sources selected and filtered by the user. The user can get a different set of streams for every device, and quickly switch between them.

Where to start?

• Create account in MobiTile with the internal form or join with a one of your social accounts.

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• Connect those Internet sources that you want to use - social networks, blogs, RSS feeds to MobiTile (Account -> Linked Accounts).


• Create and customize thematic streams from the preffered sources (Settings -> Streams).


• Add the created streams to the device profile and save it on the server (Settings -> Device Profile).



Use the Wizard (Settings -> Wizard) to perform these settings easier.

After finishing setup procedures you will have access to selected Internet resources, grouped into streams of your choice (Home -> Streams).

What's next?

Filtering streams

Function Filters (Settings -> Filters) allows filtering your stream by showing only the messages that contain user-defined keywords, or, vice versa, by excluding such messages from the stream.

Setting filters:

• Create your filters in Settings -> Filters menu: set the name of the filter, enter a keyword list, select the "+ / -" option to include/exclude the filtered messages correspondingly;
• Apply your custom filters to the stream (Settings -> Streams) by selecting them from the list.

Support for multiple devices

You can connect multiple devices to your MobiTile account. Adding a new device to the account occurs upon your authorization to MobiTile from that device.

You can either use a single device profile (Settings -> Device Profile) for all of your devices, or create a different profile for each device. This makes it easier to split your personal, professional and club interests between different devices.

With a single device, you can easily change its configuration according to the current needs just by switching between pre-set profiles.

Create a new device profile:
• Open the list of available device profiles (Settings -> Device Profile).
• Select New to create a new profile.
• Enter the name of the new profile, select preferred streams, notifications and save the changes.

Support for multiple accounts on a single resource

With MobiTile you are finally able to work simultaneously with multiple accounts created on a single resource (e.g., in a social network) without switching between them.

Offline notifications

From now you do not need to constantly monitor all of your personal resources be tuned into the  particular news. Offline Assistant will notify you with Push Notifications every time when the required information is detected.

Create and configure notifications:
• Create a new notification (Settings -> Notifications), specifying the name of the notification, the list of keywords, the frequency of notifications and a convenient time for receiving notifications.
• Select the notifications in the device profile (Settings -> Device Profile) and save changes. spacer