Supported Devices

At the moment, there are apps for iOS7 & Android only. It's expected to expand the list of devices for the other OS's in the near future.

How to download and install the application?

The application is available on AppStore

The cost of using

The application is a shareware. This means that the user is given full functionality of the application for free, but some services are limited to use. It is possible to remove limitations by acquiring premium services.


You will be prompted to register when you first start the application. To do so, you must fill in an electronic form and submit it. The server will create a personal account for you. Next you will be asked to confirm your Email, by clicking the link in the message, sent to your email address. Your MobiTile account will be activated after this confirmation.

Basic navigation

Basic navigation controls are available on the main screen. Main menu is also available on all pages (except Home page). It is accessible by sliding the main screen to the left.



Home page can be quickly accessed by pressing and holding the Back button at the left-top of the screen.

The social networks limitations

Because the MobiTile Cloud Platform is connected to the external resources via their APIs, there are some limitations in use them.


• User can see only those friends who also use MobiTile (API limitation)
• User cannot read and process his Facebook stream (refused permission)
• User cannot read and process his groups in the stream (refused permission)


• User cannot post on his Timeline (refused permission)
• User cannot comment posts (refused permission)


• User cannot link his another Flickr account (cookies issue)


In case you don't see the Yahoo login page at the beginning but instead of it the permission approval page is shown, please, scroll down the page and click "Sign Out" link at the bottom. Then repeat an authorization via Yahoo's Sign In form.