How to configure the application quickly?

The easiest way to set up and start using MobiTile is to use Wizard (Settings -> Wizard). Start Wizard, and follow the instructions to complete setup in just three steps.


Creating filters

Use filters to reduce the amount of unnecessary messages in threads. To create and configure a filter:
1. Open the list of filters (Settings -> Filters)
2. Click the New button
3. Enter the name of the new filter
4. Specify a list of keywords
5. Choose the method of filtering messages in streams:
  a. Include into stream only messages that contain keywords from the list (the filter will be marked with "+") or
  b. Exclude from the stream messages that contain keywords from the list (the filter will be marked with "-").
6. Save changes.


Remember that a filter can be used simultaneously in multiple threads on multiple devices. Removing the filter, you remove it from all streams and devices where it is applied.

Creating and configuring streams

You can create any number of streams. Messages from the same sources may be sorted into different streams by filtering according to your topics of interest.

Stream creation:
1. Go to the list of streams (Settings -> Streams),
2. Click the New button,
3. Type a name for the new stream,
4. Select desired Sources from the list,
5. Select the stream filter rules, choosing required filters from the list,
6. Save changes.


When you delete a stream, sources and filters that are used, they are not removed from the system.

Creating notifications

Free your hands and get the important things while your personal MobiTile assistant will review sources, seeking for necessary information. When the assistant finds the required information, it will send a Push Notification to your device.

Create new notification:
1. Get to the list of notifications (Settings -> Notifications),
2. Click the New button,
3. Enter the name of new notification,
4. Specify a list of keywords to search for,
5. Set the interval for sending notifications,
6. Choose a convenient time for message delivery,
7. Save changes.


You can create multiple notifications and use them with device profiles.

Creating device profiles

Device profiles allow using individual settings with each device connected to your MobiTile account. Also they allow a rapid switch between profiles on the same device. The system automatically creates the default device profile once you activate the account.

Creating an additional device profile:
1. Go to the Profiles list screen (Settings -> Profile),
2. Click the New button,
3. Type a name for the new profile,
4. Mark streams in the list that should be included in the new profile,
5. Specify the list of notifications for the profile,
6. Save changes.



Color customization

User can select a background color and set a background image in the app from now. MobiTile provides a few color schemas and predefined images.

Just open Settings -> Color and select the right color or image for your mood!